Paddle Shack (Click here for more details and gallery!)

Great news everyone! The Paddle Shack is getting a complete overhaul!  Stay tuned for new pictures!
The Paddle Shack is in Downtown Newaygo and features a walk-around theme – walk two blocks to the river, walk two blocks to Parsley’s Sport Shop, walk two blocks to bars and restaurants, walk up the loft stairs to our ‘loft lounge’ or walk outside to a private campfire! (firewood available for purchase)
Recently remodeled, the loft railing is made from wooden paddles that were used when Wisner Rents Canoes first started! (thus the name: Paddle Shack). The many beds give you choices for sleeping arrangements with extra space available on the comfy, extra-thick-padded loft area. There are also two couches and room for air mattresses. This unit has a maximum number of people of 16.