This has been a wild spring so far! So, we are open and reservations are highly recommended on weekends even in June because we just all escaped from house arrest and want to get out on the river! Everything is pretty 'normal' except we ask for people to bring masks to wear on the short bus rides and sign our COVID-19 release. So come on out and enjoy the outdoors and we will do our best to help you do so safely!
Please note, YES you need reservations on Saturdays and Sundays in July and August as well as July 4th. Please see reservation policy page to see what this entails.

Call in to 231.652.6743 to reserve your spot for one of our amazing river floats! We have the best trips and the best customers - you need to be one! Fall in love with our river and we will fall in love with you... see you soon! Don't forget, we also shuttle and do car spotting! Thank you so much and we look forward to serving all your river needs!

You all have fallen in love with our sit-on-top single kayaks with their comfort and stability unmatched, well, here comes the tandem version of that kayak! We are so very excited that Jackson Kayak developed it for us because we know you are going to love them! We will also have new shirts and hats to get as a memento of one of the greatest days of your summer so make sure you check out the store!

Can't wait to see you up here!

Just 35 miles north of Grand Rapids and you can have a true get-away! Leave it all behind you and enjoy a day on the Muskegon River with your friends at Wisner Rents Canoes.
We have simplified our pricing structure, added specials and discounts and streamlined the transportation process - all to provide you with a great day on the river! Please come and enjoy our beautiful location that is so close but yet so far!

Since 1969 (50 YEARS!!!) Wisner's has offered canoe, raft, tube and kayak trips on the beautiful Big Muskegon River.

Ideally located just off the M-37 highway bridge in Newaygo, Michigan, Wisner Rents Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, Tubes, Boats and Cottages is an easy drive from Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, Lansing, Detroit, Chicago and the beautiful cities of Indiana and Ohio. River trip times range between 2 - 4 1/2 hours but, because our trips start up river and end at our "Building" where your car is parked, you have the option of taking a little extra time to enjoy your day without fear of "missing the bus" that takes you back to your car. You can use that extra time to take things easy, swim or picnic along the banks of the river.

Our section of the Big Muskegon River is well suited for people of all skill levels. And, its beauty can't be matched. Carving gently through high banks and low tree covered areas, it's clear water winds through forests of Pine, Oak, Maple, Beech and Aspen. While on or along the river, you will often see one of our majestic Bald Eagles, several of whom nest nearby.